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About Us


AYAN is heart driven and eco conscious company from the European country Bulgaria. Our high-performance natural cosmetic line is made with organic oils and butters, and enriched with finest lavender oil directly from our breath-taking lavender fields. We choose sustainable practices whenever possible from soil to bottle.


The fields with lavender plantations are located in the Valley of Thracian Kings situated in South Bulgaria. During the last 40 years the lands were not cultivated and are used for livestock grazing from the nearby villages. The hilly location and south facing allow the sunshine to reach and provide the needed warmth of the plants. The soil has ideal pH level and is deeply permeable. In 2011 we have gradually began planting of the already existing 45 ha. of biological lavender from specially selected varieties.


We use the latest in farming technology to cultivate our plants in an all-natural environment. In the soil are incorporated only pure biological preparations. All treatments, which are carried out are sparing not only to the culture itself but also to the soil. Weed control is brought under control by permanent machining operations that do not allow grassing. The lavender flowers are picked only on warm and quiet days when the plants contain most oil and this is another prerequisite for quality of the oil. We believe in the development of ecological products and therefore manufactured by us lavender oil is 100% biological and certified.


We can answer to any quote. From 10ml. to 1000ml. (1kg) to buy online and quotes for up to 2000kg/litres certified organic essential oil

Finest Ingredients

Our premium ingredients are from high quality, and natural, safe and ecologically friendly. As a result, our products are free from parabens, preservatives, artificial colours and fragrances, mineral oils, petrolatum, paraffin or any other chemical agents that can harm man or nature.


We like to embrace the simplicity by combining only several ingredients in which integrity they give the best results for the purposes of our products.