“AYAN® strives to make natural cosmetic while making sure that the best qualities of each ingredient are combined for the most efficient and nourishing formulas. Because natural cosmetic is the “new” food for our skin and hair.”

YANA – Founder and Chief Creative of AYAN®


AYAN® revealed: AYAN® was born from my desire to develop and create natural cosmetic enriched with our own fine organic lavender oil from our own lavender fields. The name AYAN® came up through playing with the letters of my name YANA and I was very surprised thereafter to find out the meaning of AYAN® as the Father of light. Then suddenly everything falls into the right place. AYAN® is willing to spread out and around a light. The light to bring new understanding about the way we treat our skin and hair, to appreciate the nature’s gifts and to add awareness of the environmentally-friendly practices, that is adopted by the consumers and the beauty products companies. Also to awake the inner light in our bodies for most beautiful skin and hair and for most mindfulness and happy life.

The Beginning: I am very passionate about starting lavender farming for 8 years ago. I cultivated step by step own organic lavender farm in the Valley of the Thracian Kings situated in South Bulgaria. In the first years, it took my all energy and focus, but gradually I had more time to dedicate myself to develop own natural cosmetic brand.

Now: Now I am fully living my dream to create own natural cosmetic brand. I am very enthusiastic to create new recipes for new cosmetic products with absolute healthiest, purest and most nourishing formulas. I love to be inventive and have the openness to learn new things about every life area. My favorite quote is that without having discipline, focus and inner joy, we cannot accomplish anything meaningful.

Examine your daily beauty routine: Now reading about my story I challenge you to rethink your daily beauty routine. Take your time, review and examine the ingredients of the skin and hair products you use and search for information about their characteristics. Unhappily the most commonly used brands and easily accessed goods consist of health and nature damaging ingredients. You can also use our no ingredients list, where we have summarized the most important facts about the harmful ingredients. If you find ingredients linked to health and environmental issues then I very wholeheartedly appeal for rethinking the way you choose cosmetic products and make your health a top priority. I welcome you to try out any of our products and to make more informed choices in the future.

The future: We believe that beauty comes from the vibrant health within. Therefore our organic and effective blends help the body to awake its natural health and charm. Find wholeness in the simplicity of life and overall well-being. For me, it is a true joy to create happiness and healthfulness for AYAN® clients.

The Lavender Farm

The lavender fields are located in the Valley of the Thracian Kings situated in South Bulgaria. During the last 40 years, they were not cultivated and used only for livestock grazing from the nearby villages. The hilly location and south facing allow the sunshine to reach and provide the needed warmth for the plants. We choose sustainable practices and we use the latest and most effective methods in agricultural operations practices to cultivate our plants in an all-natural environment. We believe in the benefits of the natural products and therefore our lavender oil is 100% organic and certified.

Philosophy, Mission and Vision

PHILOSOPHY: AYAN® believes in “charm and loveliness from within” as a natural flow from a deep sense of inner balance, conscious choices in every life area and about building connections with nature, family, friends and ourselves and also to create true meaning in life.

MISSION: AYAN® is caring for people’s health and bringing inspiration to change the way people think about cosmetic ingredients, strongly respecting the environment for a more sustainable and more ethical beauty industry. Natural care routines are the foundations of a healthy body, a strong mind, and a positive spirit.

VISION: AYAN® aims to inspire behavioral change which is linked with no compromise on the safety of a product we use, with more knowledge and awareness for chemical and synthetic ingredients, and with the intention for happier illness free life and reaching your fullest potential every day.


Our certified organic ingredients are from high quality, natural, safe and ecologically friendly. As a result, our products are free from parabens, preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum products, paraffin or any other chemical agents that can harm man’s health or nature. AYAN® is proud to be different, making truly natural skin care and hair care products with comprehensive ingredient lists and honestly cosmetic labeling.


AYAN® PRODUCT QUALITY COMMITMENT is a promise to never use aggressive ingredients, dangerous cosmetic fillers, harmful thickeners and preservatives, genetically-modified and animal-derived ingredients, synthetic chemicals and fragrances or colorants. AYAN® products are free from anything that would dilute the nutrient-rich ingredients to stimulate the body’s self-balancing processes to achieve natural health.

SIMPLICITY: We like to embrace simplicity in our cosmetic formulation by combining only several ingredients in which integrity they give the best results for the purposes of our products. With minimal ingredients for maximum synergy. We believe that less, but using the very best, really is more.

FRESH COSMETIC IN YOUR HANDS: AYAN® products are fresh and made in small batches in a certified laboratory to preserve their active botanical properties and the processing methods ensure that the active vital life force of the plant is not destroyed by heat or over-processing.