The secret of a beautiful, naturally glowing and revitalized skin is its health condition from within. The repetitive steps and the correct consistency in the use of cosmetic products with ingredients that are combined in deep harmony and affect tangibly are the key cornerstones. Give your face deep cleansing and toning, regenerating hydration during the day and restoring, nourishing and rejuvenating night care with AYAN® Beauty Routine, featuring carefully selected, innovative and deeply effective ingredients.

WHY to choose AYAN® Beauty Routine:

  • safe and natural ingredients tailored to each other for beneficial and visible results for your skin
  • organic cosmetic products combined in a daily routine for overall health and beauty
  • no harmful ingredients and you know exactly what are you using
  • the skin feels more balanced, nourished and revived
  • unleash the maximum potential of your skin with our organic cosmetic

Step 1: At the evening wash your face with AYAN® Moisturizing Foam.

Step 2: Tone your skin with AYAN® Rosa Damascena Rose Water on a cotton pad to prepare the skin to absorb the active ingredients from the face and eye serums.

Step 3: Apply AYAN® Ageless Drops Rejuvenating Face Serum and AYAN® Ageless Drops Rejuvenating Eye Serum with a gentle massage on the face and with gentle tapping in the eye area for night regenerating care in depth.

Step 4: Use AYAN® Rosa Damascena Rose Water on a cotton pad to tone your face in the morning before applying AYAN® Intensive Facial Moisturizer.

Awake your inner charm and loveliness from within and enjoy using our products!